Why You Should Use a Hand Cart

The hand cart is a great tool when it comes to moving items. It allows the user to move heavier and larger items than they would normally be able to handle safely. Hand carts also allow the user to move a stack of items in a single trip. Whether it’s store inventory, moving boxes, or records boxes, these are great tools to get the job done. Now with the convenience of the foldable hand cart, you don’t even have to worry about storage space.

What is a Hand Cart

The hand cart was invented in the 1700s as a means of helping shipping crews unload their goods onto the docks. The basic formula was an “L” shaped base with the lower “foot” having the ability to slide under a stack of goods. Two heavy-duty wheels at the base not only helped take the weight of the stack, but also allow for greater mobility. The best hand cart design still follows this formula, although modern handcarts now include many improvements.

How They Help You

Imagine needing to move a stack of boxes filled with paperwork from the office to the records room. On your own you will have to lift each box individually and carry it the whole way. If there are six boxes that means six trips. By the end of it your arms would be sore and you’d be running the risk of injury and strain. Now imagine you have a foldable hand cart handy. You can slide the cart’s foot under the stack, strap them in, and then wheel the whole stack down the hall. In two trips you’ve completed your task in a third of the time, without having to lift anything, and no strain from carrying repeated weight. The hand cart not only saved you time and effort, but it helped protect you from injury.

A foldable hand cart is also great if you need to move through a small area to get to the items that need to be moved. You can fold it up, transport it down the hall, and then unfold it to move things around your stockroom. You’ll even be able to fold it up for storage in the corner until the next time the hand cart is needed.

Are you regularly moving stacks of items around? A hand cart may be the best solution to help you do so, quickly, safely and efficiently. If you have any questions feel free to talk to your local representative. They’ll be sure to help you choose the best hand cart for your needs.

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