Techniques on how to Overcome Nervousness during Audition and Screening

All budding actors experience nervousness during the audition and screening process in the initial stage of their career. It’s all the same for everyone when the mind keeps racing, hands continuously sweating, with an unprecedented hope to crack the audition without getting messed-up with the dialogues.

There is nothing awkward about being nervous, it is human nature. Even senior actors get nervous. However, you need to know how to handle your nervousness and give your best shot. Learn to cover-up and follow the below techniques to come out as a winner.

Make an audition playlist.

Download some soothing songs on your mobile phone that calm you down. Listen to them after you step into the audition hall and keep listening until your name is called. Avoid browsing social networking sites and stay focused.

Take deep breaths.

Keep taking deep breaths. If you continue inhaling and exhaling session for some time, your mind will relax completely. All your stress and anxiety will leave your body.

Prepare yourself well.

Memorize the lines in such a way that it becomes second nature for you. Do some practice session with your friend or in front of the mirror.

Visualize the audition.

After practicing the scene for multiple times, close your eyes and keep visualizing the audition right from start to finish. Imagine yourself walking into the room, completely prepared, telling your name loud, and then getting completely absorbed into the scene, forgetting the detail that it is an audition. This is a powerful tool, which every great actor has practiced.

Walk with confidence.

As an actor, you have to be very confident about the skill and talent you possess. You should always carry a charisma that your fellow strugglers will envy. Your body language should reflect confidence. While talking with the casting agent or anybody from the industry, hold your head high, maintain eye contact, bring back your shoulders, and act wisely. Though you are nervous inside, make your casting director feel at ease.

Control What You Can Control

You can probably control those things, which are within your limits. Do not panic over things that are beyond your control. Suppose it rains, spoiling your hair and clothes, you cannot do anything. Instead, carry another set of clothes and comb in your bag.

You also have no control on what others think about you, so don’t bother with those things. Everybody has their own mind-set and you have no control over them.

Be a good listener.

In sheer nervousness, a lot of actors forget to listen to what the casting agents have to say on the role. In the audition room, actors are completely immersed in the scene and what is being talked about doesn’t bother them. Be active when you are in the audition room. Be cool. Listen to what others have to say on the role or anything.

So, if you aspire to become an actor, and you are already in touch with any casting agency, always remember to associate your name with the one which has a very good reputation. Casting Agencies open doors of opportunity for aspiring actors.

In NY City, one such agency is Amy Gossels casting company. This agency has shortlisted many actors, who are well-known faces in Hollywood and TV Industry. So, maintain professional relationship with casting agency can also the reap benefit in your professional path.

Acting is not a cake walk. So, learn to stay calm and composed so that you can culminate your dream into reality.

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