Smart Ways to Organize Your Self Storage Unit

With a new storage space to put your belongings or stock in, renting a storage unit is like taking a great weight off your shoulders. However, what if you open your unit, see your stacks of containers, and forget where you stored something? A storage unit can turn into another personal headache if you’re not careful. Fortunately, self storage in Orange County can be handled well with the aid of a few handy storage tips.

Label Your Containers

Before you put away your containers into Orange County, CA self storage, put a label on each container’s outer surface. That way, you won’t have to open and close each container when it comes time to look for something. Also, you can place similar objects and items in the same general area of the storage unit. Additionally, make sure your boxes have the labels facing outward. Sometimes people accidentally put a box with a label facing the wall.

Prioritize Your Containers

Take careful stock of what you’re putting away into self-storage in Orange County and consider which materials you need immediate access to and those that you can store away for a long time. The containers you don’t need to get into anytime soon can be placed in the back near the wall, behind the boxes that you need to open up more frequently. This will save you both time and physical exertion of having to move containers around.

Handling Fragile Items

Anything you possess that’s sensitive or fragile should be packed well in a container. Make sure they’re not loose so they don’t bang around inside a box if picked up. Stuff the container’s interior with paper and plastic to anchor the object inside. And don’t forget to clearly mark the container as fragile. Also, don’t put the box on the bottom of a stack. Too much weight can crush the item at the bottom, especially if the fragile item is lightweight.

Dismantle Heavy Furniture

If possible, dismantle large furniture and store it in pieces. This will make it easier to move the furniture in and out if necessary. For example, table legs can be taken off. Swinging doors from refrigerators and freezers can be removed. Take out drawers from cabinets and chests of drawers. Just be sure to keep all screws and bolts that accompany the furniture together with the furniture components.

Many homeowners and business owners enjoy the benefits of self storage in Orange County. With the help of some smart storage tips, such as labeling and organizing your containers, you can as well.

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