Safer Loading With Aluminum Truck Ramps

Whether you are loading up or unloading items at work, buying furniture, or moving into a new home, heavy duty aluminum truck ramps can make it much easier to relocate heavy objects. Aluminum ramps for trucks can prevent you from struggling to lift items into or out of a truck bed and risking serious injury in the process. It can be a good idea to consider the material, width, weight capacity, safety features, and available design options before purchasing a truck ramp.

Is Aluminum the Right Ramp Material?

Aluminum truck ramps are made out of durable metal and are resistant to corrosion. These ramps range in size all the way from small curb ramps to much longer and wider retractable models that can be stored underneath a truck. Aluminum ramps are rated to handle a great deal of weight. Even a basic aluminum curb ramp can have a weight capacity of approximately 750 pounds. Truck ramps can be rated for even more weight. As a general principle, the weight capacity of truck ramps is inverse to their length – meaning the shortest models are rated to handle more weight than longer models.

Choosing the Best Truck Ramp for Your Needs

Heavy duty aluminum truck ramps may be available in two designs: a model featuring a sloping apron end that is secured by a position stop and safety chains and a model that features safety hook ends. Try to determine which is most suitable for the design of your truck and preferences. Interlocking aluminum ramps for trucks are a very safe design that is capable of being readily assembled and used.

If you are outfitting a truck with a retractable underbody ramp, you should determine the appropriate ramp size for the vehicle. Several size options may include a downsized, standard, or wide chassis. Underbody ramps are usually designed to roll out on wheels until extended to the proper length. An angle-stop that can double as a theft prevention device keeps the ramp from being overextended or removed, while a safety lock may help to ensure that the ramp remains secured and stable while in use. As you prepare to purchase an aluminum truck ramp, be sure to review the specifications in order to ensure that the model you buy meets your needs.

Ramping Up for Easier Moving 

Different sizes and styles of aluminum ramps can also feature a variety of traction and safety features. Curb-sized ramps may feature replaceable safety walk stripes and high side safety rails while many models of aluminum truck ramps have twin-tooth decks to provide traction when traveling downwards and upwards with heavy loads.

Aluminum truck ramps can make it much easier and safer to transport heavy items when used with manual hand carts, dollies, or trucks, aluminum truck ramps. You might want to browse through a large catalog of manual hand trucks and heavy duty aluminum truck ramps in a wide range of designs and sizes. No matter which ramp you end up purchasing, you should be able to move heavy objects with greater ease and safety.

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