Quito Is An Amazing Place to Visit

Quito is the capital of Ecuador. It is at an elevation of 2,850 meters above the sea level. The place is the highest official capital city in the world after La Paz. It is located in the Guallyabamba river basin. The site is located on the eastern slopes of Pichincha that is an active stratovolcano which is in the Andes mountains.

Quito’s Old Town

This is a must-to-visit spot for tourists. There is colonial architecture to see. Quito has maintained and preserved its old towns in the Americas. The buildings in the city are impressive and the plazas are gorgeous. But you need to stay in old towns. If you stay in a modernized part of the city, you cannot enjoy the amazing views.

La Ronda

This is the best in the old town. It should be on top of your list. It is considered to be the oldest as well as best-preserved street in Quito. So, what is its specialty? You will find flags, flowerpots and little but beautiful balconies on the street.

Beside the above artifacts, you can enjoy the view of beautiful plazas such as Plaza San Fransico as well as Plaza de la Independencia. The Artisan market ‘Tianguez’ can also be found there.

Mitad del Mundo

What else you can get there? The middle of the world is there. Mitad del mundo is the place where Northern as well as Southern hemispheres meet. The place is situated right on the Equator. Visitors love to stand in a position that both their feet are in each hemisphere at the same time. You can get to the top of the monument and have the view of the surroundings. The monument is around 30 feet high. An interesting story is related to the spot. This is not the true middle of the earth. It is close to the middle but not the middle. You can find the real middle spot at the distance of a few hundred meters in the north side of the monument. The site is exactly located at Intinan Museum. Some are also of the view that neither locations are correct. But at the Intinan museum, you can get a bit closer to the real spot.

TeleferiQo/ The Cable Car Up Pichincha Volcano

This provides the best view to see Quito. This cable car takes you to the elevation of 4,100 meters. It is South America’s highest gondola ride. It also is one of the highest aerial lifts in the world. You must hope that the sky is clear while you are having a ride. Because it provides a breathtaking views of the city as well as the surrounding countryside. The morning time is the best to visit because later on fog engulfs the area. You should keep a jacket or a sweater with you because it can get windy and cold at times.

Bucket Pass Quito

If you are in quito, you should get on a Bucket Pass quito tour bus. They help tourists see amazing places and provide comfortable and safe journey across the city.

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