Planning An African Safari – Know What You Should Pack

We all know that African safari is quite different from the other types of trips. Besides, even an experienced traveler gets confused sometimes while packing things for an African safari. Remember, not carrying the essential things with you can make your safari uncomfortable. Hence, you should make sure that you don’t forget packing few important things to make your safari more comfortable.  You should also keep in your mind about the weight restrictions as well while packing your things for safari.  The below mentioned is the list of things which you should pack to avoid unnecessary tensions during your travel.

  • Don’t forget to pack shorts and light trousers to stay comfortable during day time as the temperature can be very high. Choose the clothes with colors like light brown, grey, dark green and etc as they don’t show up the dust and dirt which you are exposed to during your travel.
  • You should also carry a pair of travel shoes to stay comfortable during your safari. Collapsible and foldable shoes would be your perfect choice to carry with you. Do carry at least 2 pairs with you to avoid unnecessary tensions during your safari.
  • Do not forget to carry binoculars with you to enjoy your safari.
  • As the temperature in Africa can be high you should make sure that you carry a sun protection cream or lotion.
  • Carry a sweater or a jacket with you as the weather in Masai Mara and Highlands can be chilly during evening.
  • Carry a first aid kit with you as it will be helpful for you during emergency situations.
  • Do not forget to carry a power bank or a charger with you to make your safari comfortable.
  • Add a camera to your bag to preserve all your happy moments.
  • Most of the camps and lodges in Africa have swimming pools. Hence, you should carry bathing suits or swimming suits with you.
  • Carry a pair of glasses with you to protect your eyes from dust. It would be better if you can carry sunglasses with you.
  • You should also carry a flashlight and wet wipes with you.
  • You should also add an inflatable cushion, pen, pencil and a notebook to your bag as your kids may require them.
  • Add a mosquito repellant and a toilet roll as well to your bag.
  • Though they will offer you a towel and toothbrush in the lodges or hotels, it is better to carry towels and tooth brushes from your home to avoid unnecessary problems in future.
  • Pack your travel insurance documents, passport and eTickets in advance as you may forget to carry them in hurry sometimes.
  • Remember to pack your medicines if you have any health problems.

You would have definitely waited for a long time to go on a safari.  Hence, you should plan everything in a proper way. In order to know more about Kenya safaris, please contact a tour operator immediately.

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