Keeping Things Tight With a Cord Lock

Does your business cater to hikers or bicyclists? Perhaps you target consumers that carry cargo needing to be secured. As a business owner, you personally may have experienced a slippery cord or a connector that won’t stay tight. It can be frustrating or downright dangerous. Have you thought about how a plastic cord lock might appeal to your customers?


Cord locks come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what you’ll be using it for. The pet industry has dog collars that allow one to adjust for size, but it won’t slip or loosen. Outdoor enthusiasts have backpacks that use tie-downs having a lock that releases by pushing in on a button. Some locks have a corded loop that slides back and forth inside a ball spring that is easy to adjust to whatever size you need. All in all, varieties are available in ball, box, barrel and square shapes. At National Webbing, you’ll get versatility and function. With a motto of “Excellence in Innovation”, they strive to ensure your products will be on the cutting edge of technology in appearance, function and performance.


Uses range from military applications to sports to fashion. The military depends on stable gear loaded on the backs of soldiers or in vehicles. Transporting equipment like ammunition demands strict securing procedures. Simple ropes or elastic ties with knots are just not secure enough. The same is true for firmly attaching a soldier’s gear who depends on his or her belts, pouches and kits being securely attached with cord locks.

Athletic shoes are sometimes outfitted with a plastic cord lock assembly on the laces, rather than relying on a traditional bow tie. You’ve no doubt at least once seen someone with their shoelace. Volleyball nets are tightened down often with a simple loop knot and sometimes that doesn’t stay secure. Using a plastic lock will ensure the top of the net doesn’t sag during play. Netted gym bags that are meant to carry several basketballs or tennis balls are a pain if the tie comes undone. Secured with a plastic lock, the odds of that happening are slim.

The fashion industry is always looking for innovative ways to incorporate function with style. A pretty neck scarf can incorporate a plastic lock. A leather, beaded or fabric belt will need a secure way to keep it in place.Available in black or white, you have a choice of 6mm or 8mm openings to accommodate different sized cords for your product. No matter what your fastening needs are, there is probably a plastic cord lock that will do the job.

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