How Does Interior Design Impact The Productivity Of Employee In A Business

A business makes so much efforts and implements many strategies to enhance the productivity of its employees. One of these strategies is implementing the right interior design. This is because the interiors of a place have a significant impact on the mindset of a person. The right interior design can uplift the mood of a person and make them more productive.

A poor interior design, on the other hand, can diminish the work quality and productivity of a business. Thus, the selection of an experienced interior designer and the right interior design is very important.

The right design infuses happiness among employees

According to Rocco Basile, a leading contractor and builder, happy employees yield better productivity in a business. On the other hand, an unhappy employee can cost a business a lot of expenditure in terms of sick leaves, less productivity, etc. So, to make your employees happy, besides increment, promotion and other perks, designing the right interior plays an important role.

As an employee spends a lot of time within the boundaries of commercial space, he should feel supportive, motivated and happy. To promote such mindset in an employee it is important to perform regular analysis of the workplace from time to time. When the employee working in your company feels good and positive, then it is definitely going to show up in their work.

How colors affect the mindset and business productivity?

According to Rocco Basile, a reputed NYC builder, every color has a specific significance and a power to influence our mind differently. Depending on the type of business, color selection has to be done.


Blue is a color that stimulates the working of employees and makes them more productive. So, if you are looking for high quality work then paint the walls of your commercial space with this color.


This color imparts a soothing touch to a person. It relaxes one’s mind and alleviates stress.


Red is the most intense color as it increases the heartbeat of a person. Marketing firms, furniture stores, shopping malls, etc., can use this color to attract the attention of customers and also increase creative skills in employees.


This is a color of optimism. It improves concentration and productivity of an office.

Importance of lighting in increasing work productivity:

After color, lighting is again a very necessary factor that helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of a workplace. Where inadequate lighting can cause headache, stress, poor eyesight, lethargy and nausea, proper lighting creates a conducive atmosphere for working.

With less than required lighting, an employee may take more time to finish the task than what is required. To promote better lighting, every office should use the best quality of fluorescent tube lamps which not just save energy but also lasts for a longer time.


There is a close relation between interior design of a commercial space and the productivity and revenue generation in a business. Understanding this fact would help you focus more on implementing the right interior design to influence your business positively.

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