FAQs Related to Window Air Conditioner – Avoid Getting Overwhelmed and Make a Good Choice

Window conditioners are available with unique designs and multitude of variations to fit seamlessly in any room. When buyers visit showrooms to buy Lloyd window air conditioner unit they ask many questions. Common questions the showroom dealer needs to answer are given below. The answers to these questions will make your shopping experience better.

What window AC size will I need?

First step is to purchase an appropriate sized unit to ensure efficient and effective performance. Buying too large unit is waste of energy and choosing too small does not cool the space properly.

Therefore, figure out the room’s square footage.

  • For rectangular or square rooms = Length X width of the room
  • For triangle shaped rooms – Length X width/2

Few other factors to be measured are –

Ceiling height – Standard ceiling height is 8 feet

Room temperatures – For sunny room increase capacity by 10% and shaded room decrease by 10%

Occupancy – More than two people occupying the room regularly needs you to add 600 BTU for each extra member

Kitchen – Kitchen is warmer, so increase capacity by 4,000 BTU.

Cooling capacity gets measured in BTUs. Online is the best place to check BTU chart based on square footage or room size.

Where to install window AC?

Double hung windows accommodate Window AC unit. Install the unit in a shaded window to extend the life. The most shade will be available in windows facing north. Equip the area properly with a pipe.

Why is window AC a popular option?

Benefits of window air conditioners make them popular option on Flipkart shopping website because of several reasons.

  • Affordable cost
  • Energy efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Portability
  • Extra cooling in a hotspot

Is window AC installation a DIY project?

Yes, a DIY fan can do it because the unit is designed for easy installation. Choose a proper location and confirm the dimensions for accuracy and install the unit with ease. Refer to the owner’s manual and follow the instructions, especially to angle the unit for proper condensation draining.

L-shaped brackets are helpful to prevent window sash from moving. Weather strip helps to seal the window and if you reside in extreme windy or rainy regions then caulk the outer unit.

How will I handle the cleaning and maintenance?

When the window AC is working a lot then clean filter once, in a month. Wash the washable filters with mild soap and detergent then allow it to dry in the air. Disposable filters need to be replaced with new ones.

Dirt buildups on coils need to be cleaned with brush attached to the vacuum. During the off-season apply natural cleaner to the coils, rinse off, and let it air dry. Before cleaning and maintenance remember to unplug the AC first.

Can the window AC be left installed during winter?

Make sure that the window AC unit can handle the low temperature. Some models include supplemental heating feature needed in winter. You can cover the unit with durable plastic cover, so that moisture stays out.

How much can energy star rated units save?

Energy star rated units can save up to 30% on utility bills. These models operate efficiently and consume less energy.

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