Don’t Wait When It’s Time to Repair Your Instrument Panel

Everyone that drives has seen those pesky icons light up on the dash, or instrument panel. When that happens, do you know what it means? Are you sure it’s not a malfunction? The only way to tell, unfortunately, with the new computer-based operating systems in vehicles today, is to take it to a mechanic. You may be needing an instrument cluster replacement.

What Exactly Is the Instrument Cluster Panel?

Referred to by many names, including electronic instrument panel or digital instrument panel or just digital dash, this is what you see in front of you when turning on your car. The speedometer, tachometer, and other digital indicators that tell you how your vehicle is running. An icon may come on indicating you have a tire with low pressure, or that your oil is low. There are several more, and it’s critical that your instrument panel is operating correctly. A malfunction may give you a false warning, but it may also not give you any warning when it is appropriate.

What’s the Best Way to Handle a Malfunctioning Panel?

At, they will repair and replace broken or malfunctioning panels for a fraction of what you might pay at the dealer. If you are able to do the repair yourself, you can order the parts you need online. They offer a lifetime warranty on most of their services, which include instrument cluster repair and replacement, dash cluster repair and replacement, speedometer repair and replacement, odometer repair, speedometer calibration, and speedometer cluster repair.

If you’re not comfortable with doing the work yourself, and your best friend mechanic is too busy, you can send in your broken parts and they will repair it or perform an instrument cluster replacement.  They guarantee the odometer mileage reading will not change and when it is a repair, that the original part you sent in will not need to be recoded since the same part is being returned and going back into your car.

It can be frustrating when your instrument panel malfunctions, or sometimes just downright scary when you’re getting signals that something isn’t working properly or worse, you can tell your car isn’t running well but none of your indicator lights are going on. Or your speedometer isn’t working properly and you find out only when you get pulled over for speeding. For repair or complete instrument cluster replacement, act fast and get professional help before a small problem turns into a major operation.

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