Don’t Do These Things to Your Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions may be very resilient but even they do need to be treated well. Shifting them into and out of gear is a simple task, however, automatic transmissions are complex and bad habits or mistakes can ruin them in the long run. Be sure to take your vehicle in for automatic transmission service in Taylorsville on a regular basis.In addition to that, if you want your transmission to function well and last for a very long time, don’t make these mistakes.

Shifting into Drive or Reverse Before the Vehicle Is Fully Stopped

Unfortunately, this is a very common mistake. An example for this is reversing out of a parking spot and then shifting into gear before the car comes to a full stop. Shifting before the vehicle is fully stopped is a very bad thing to do and you might have already heard about this during one of your visits to a Taylorsville automatic transmission service shop. Many automatic transmission parts consist of gears with teeth that will grind and get damaged if gears are changed harshly. To avoid premature failure of any components, always come to a complete stop before shifting.

Allowing Your Transmission and Engine to Overheat

Any sort of heavy-duty use of your vehicle, such as off-roading or mountain climbing, can cause your transmission to overheat. A very common reason for overheating is heavy towing and hauling. Have a transmission cooler installed during your next automatic transmission service in Taylorsville to extend the life of your transmission. Another reason for overheating can also be spinning your wheels when stuck or having an ill-maintained cooling system. Whatever you do, make sure your transmission or engine don’t overheat.

Forgetting to Engage the Parking Brake When Parking

Putting your car in park is not sufficient. Your automatic transmission was not designed to hold your vehicle in place. A small metal piece, called pawl, locks the output shaft of the transmission and not engaging the parking brake puts a lot of stress on this tiny part. If another vehicle were to tap yours, the pawl could break and the vehicle could roll down the street. Always engage the parking brake for the sake of your transmission and for safety.

These are some of the most common mistakes that can damage your transmission. During your next automatic transmission service in Taylorsville have your mechanic explain to you how you can avoid costly mistakes and prolong the life of your transmission.

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