How to Choose the Right Assisted Living Facility

For most people, making the decision to place a loved one in an assisted living home is very difficult. It can be even more challenging to find the right one. However, there are specific amenities and characteristics that you can look for to help you find the perfect home. Below are some of the most sought after amenities and reasons why they’re so important to consider.

Restaurants and Other Social Spaces

Having a sense of community and belongingness is vital for anyone to call a place home. Any spaces in the Oyster Bay Long Island area that require an individual to remain isolated is completely unacceptable and you can cross any of those facilities off your list. One of the top priorities is making sure your loved one doesn’t feel lonely or separated from society. You want a welcoming environment that encourages socialization. Restaurants on site are terrific for connecting with neighbors and helping them to feel part of a public space. Other communal areas, like pools, patios or gardens, are also perfect for leisure time out of their rooms. Even if they wish to read or spend quiet time alone, doing this in a public space gives them time to themselves, while still being apart of the community.

Hair Salons and Barber Shops

This may seem like an odd amenity to look for, but more and more assisted living homes are starting to include this luxury. Not only are beauty shops and barbers great places for socializing, but it also helps residents to feel good about themselves. It’s a wonderful way for them to be pampered. Hair appointments on the calendar are dates to look forward to! Looking good, feeling good, and spending time with friends are necessities. These types of spaces are perfect for all of these goals.

Recreational Staff

Having a steady schedule of varies activities are essential to assisted living communities. Recreational time can range from book club meetings to yoga classes. There should be something on the schedule for every level of physical ability. A dedicated staff to encourage residents to join in the fun is also important. Supportive staff members are needed to assist individuals with social anxiety or physical disabilities. There are amazing and compassionate professionals that work in the Oyster Bay Long Island area that are more than willing to connect with their community. Look out for these friendly faces when touring facilities.

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