The Best Way to See Butterflies

There’s nothing quite like watching the slow, fluttering beat of a butterfly’s wings as it moves from flower to flower in its search for sweet nectar. It’s a sight that has fascinated children and adults for ages. At the Callaway Gardens it’s a simple delight that you can still find. Check out the Callaway Gardens hours inAtlanta, GA to plan your next trip to the Day Butterfly Center and see for yourself.

Your Visit Helps Butterfly Conservation

The butterflies of Callaway Gardens are purchased in the chrysalis stage from small family-run farms. Located in economically challenged areas of tropical countries, these small farms rely on keeping their ecosystems undisturbed. Supporting the Callaway Gardens allows them to continue purchasing from these farms. This in turn allows those families to keep the natural habitats intact rather than searching out other forms of revenue. Consider the Callaway Gardens when looking at tourist attractions in Atlanta, GA, and feel good knowing that you’re helping to support the conservation of some of the world’s most endangered species of butterflies.

Multiple Educational Opportunities

You’ll want to stay aware of the Callaway Gardens hours, in Atlanta GA as there is always something going on and a chance to learn. General admission hours are 9am to 6pm. However, if you’d like to take a short 20-minute, informative class on butterflies be sure to visit at 2pm Monday through Friday for Butterfly 101. Take this opportunity to learn everything from how to tell a butterfly from a moth, to life cycle and migration habits, and even some fun details about the center itself.

There are also a variety of great seasonal learning opportunities to take advantage of. Gardening for Butterflies is a great summertime offering. This class with teach you everything thing from how butterflies can help the pollination in your garden to what plants help with which stages of a butterfly’s’ life. If you visit in September it’ll be Blue Morpho Month, dedicated to the blue Morpho butterfly which thrives during this time. Visit then to view a spectacular display of these beautiful, iridescent blue creatures.

Come and Enjoy Nature at its Finest

As one of the most relaxing tourist attractions in Atlanta, GA, the butterfly house at the Callaway Gardens will fascinate the whole family. This glass enclosed space houses over 1,000 butterflies in a natural tropical habitat. Watch every stage of their fascinating lives from chrysalis, to new wings and flying freely. Come and enjoy this wonderful environment.

With over 50 species of butterfly nourished by a variety of tropical plants, every visit to the center is sure to be a new experience. Watch the butterfly populations change with the season and sun and note how the changes in the plant life also interact with their cycle of life. Different butterflies thrive at different times, and the Day Butterfly Center has friendly and encouraging staff there to help you learn about each one.

Check out the Callaway Gardens hours in Atlanta, GA for a fun filled, enjoyable family experience for all. Explore nature, learn something new, and take home memories that will last a lifetime.

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