The Amazing Museum Right in Times Square

The odds are, you don’t wind up in Times Square very often. It’s the scene of countless movies, one of the biggest New Year’s Eve bashes worldwide and has all the glitz and glamour you need to make your NYC vacation an excellent one. However, if you aren’t going during the holidays or for another special event, you may find yourself wondering exactly what sorts of attractions Times Square might hold. While there are plenty of shops and businesses to choose from, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum might be your best bet at scoring some excellent, family-friendly fun.

Easy Access

Finding the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum is as simple as setting foot in Times Square. The bold red-and-gold marquee-type entrance is sure to draw the eye no matter where you might be standing, and the entrance opens right onto the street for easy access. From the street, you and your family can review a bit of information about pricing and some of the most interesting exhibits the museum has to offer.

Family Fun

The museum is packed with over 20 unique galleries of interesting, attention-grabbing content that anyone’s sure to enjoy. If you’re traveling with children, rest assured that there’s something for everyone in these attractions in Times Square. Many of the exhibits are educational, making it the perfect way to keep young minds developing healthily during summer months and vacations, and some even offer activities that seek to make becoming engaged in the surrounding content even easier than ever before.


The contents inside the museum aren’t just restricted to the contents of the gallery, of course. The upstairs level contain a library perfect for curious minds of all ages and an upper deck for an excellent view of Times Square beneath, while the lower level features a vast courtyard if you find yourself in need of fresh air. With these and other amenities at your disposal, making a day of your museum visit is as comfortable as it is thrilling.

Regardless of when you plan to take your trip to NYC, the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum is there to ensure your adventure is an excellent one. As one of the most loved attractions in Times Square, this museum is something you should never miss out on if you want the full experience during your vacation. Booking tickets is simple, and getting to the museum is even simpler still. All in all, it’s a simple but unforgettable attraction that’s sure to make your visit to the concrete jungle something to really remember in the coming years.

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