8 Person Party Rafts for Excellent Summer Fun

One of the best ways to enjoy the water with family or friends is with a party raft. These inflatable lounges let you sit comfortably in the water while you socialize and enjoy cool drinks. An 8 person party raft will be an excellent addition to your summer fun.

How To Use Your Floating Lounge

Floating lounges can be inflated with electric pumps and placed in any body of water, such as a pool, lake, or river. If using the lounge in open water, an anchor bag can be dropped to ensure that the raft stays in place. There may also be a tether on the raft so that it can be tied to a boat or dock. While some party rafts can be pulled behind boats for additional fun, many are not designed to support such activities. Make sure to check your user’s manual to know whether your 8 person floating lounge is equipped to be towed behind a boat.

Features of a Floating Lounge

Superior party rafts will include mesh bottoms to give more support for sitting and provide a safe place for children to play and swim. Usually, with an 8 person floating lounge, inflatable seats and headrests surround the mesh area, allowing friends and family to sit comfortably in the shallow water around the float. With sturdy rafts, people may also sit on the inflatable part itself and dip their toes in the water. Party rafts also typically include cup holders by every seat. When making your purchase, check whether these are deep and wide enough to hold cans, bottles, and cups without risk of spilling. Some party rafts also come with floating coolers to store cold drinks while you are on the water.

Transport and Manufacturing Considerations

Remember that an 8 person floating lounge, once inflated, can be large and bulky. Most measure between eleven and twelve feet across and often require at least two people to carry them. Before purchasing, you may also want to consider how much space the float takes up when it is deflated, and how quickly it can be inflated and deflated. A well-designed party raft will have mechanisms that permit speedy blow-up. An 8 person party raft typically supports up to 1,600 pounds. With proper care and maintenance, such floats can last for many years, especially if they are manufactured by well-known and highly rated sellers. Most rafts are made out of durable PVC vinyl. Heavy-gauge PVC, which refers to its thickness, is safe for use in moving water such as rivers. Lower-gauge PVC is more suitable for pools and beach use.

To make the most of your waterside fun for years to come, look for floating lounge to host the whole family.

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