3 Popular Alanya Tours

On the southern coast of Turkey, Alanya lies in the province of Antalya previously known as Alaiye. It is a well-known tourist beach resort city, located around 138 kilometers in the east of Antalya below the Taurus Mountain into the Mediterranean Sea. Alanya further has 9% of contribution in the sector of tourism. Multiple attractive locations, Mediterranean climate and historic inheritance makes it common among the visitors. The natural beauty of Alanya is only felt via Alanya excursions. Booking a tour guide assist in viewing and taking the fascinating adventures in Alanya. Trips to historical places are also memorable.

Alanya Horse Safari

Horse riding is a sport, carried out by many people. There is no need for one to be experienced as one in Alanya is simply amazing and safety precautions are ensured. The horses used in this horse safari are well trained. For about 30 minutes, entertainment is received by the tourist. This horseback tour offers the tourist an unimaginable view of Turkish Landscape. Prior tobeginning of the horse ride, a small orientation session is carried on. One can view many different places in the surroundings. Book it for fun.

Alanya Quad Safari

An adventurous ride- quad safari can be experienced in Alanya on Quad bike where a rider has an opportunity to explore Taurus Mountains with Alanya Quad Safari. This offers a thrilling experience to the riders. This is specifically designed adventure for the youngsters. Muddy roads, mountain travelling and nature views are offered through this adventure. These are safe for the riders as carried out in pollution and noise freelocations. The crazy ride is a step away. Book your ride to guarantee your day fun.

Alanya Turkish bath

The most relaxing and stress releasing activity one might ever had. This is common since Victoria era. It’s not a normal bath instead a session carried out for 3 hours where the cleanliness and relaxation to the skinis offered where Greek and Roman bathing practices in the sauna and steam room. Before bathing, scrubbing, foam and oil massage to the body is offered. All the skin pores are entirely cleaned. Done with all the adventures? Felling tired? Book your Alanya Turkish bath.

Other popular tours includes rafting tour, paragliding, boat trip, jeep safari, scuba diving, etc. Enjoy Alanya tour.

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